NEWS LETTER 7th July 2012

We would like to take this opportunity to thank the Almighty God for the care He has given us. The term has started very well and we hope it is going to end well too.
We will also not forget your contribution for the encouraging result we get. Without your unlimited trust and the immeasurable care you have been giving to the children and us, we could not be at this point.

Arusha- Manyara Excursion Trip
Dear parents, the school is taking this chance to send the dearest appreciation to all the parents who supported the very beautiful, pleasant and enjoyable Excursion Trip on 16th_19th June 2012 directly or indirectly. This is something that will remain in our memory.
Nothing tangible we can give in return apart from a vote of thanks to all. May God bless you abundantly.

Charity cum Graduation Day
The school is celebrating the fifth graduation on 28th July 2012in the school playing ground. This is one of the top ceremonies held by the school every year. You are welcome to join your children in this colourful day of their life.
As you are aware, one of the many programs that our school has been going through is to grant material and psychological support to the needy. This we have successfully done and you as stakeholders can bear witness on the achievements made. To accomplish this mission, the school is cordially asking for your material support.

The school has scheduled to engage our pupils in various internal and external exams to test their ability and understanding on materials taught throughout the year.
The following chart illustrates the real picture of what will take place and we kindly ask you to lead your children through the schedule, urging them to use the remaining part of the term to prepare academically.



  1. The school Annual Examination

17th _ 19th July 2012

  1. Grade 4 District Mock Examination

11th -13th July 2012

  1. Grade 4 NGOPSO Mock Examination

18th 20th July 2012

Dear parents, the district and NGOPSO Examinations require maximum utilization of time and learning materials and we consequently support.


Following the success of the boarding programme for boys that our school introduced recently, we have finally come to conclusion of providing the same to girls and this will commence effectively from September.
As all may be aware that the school is providing boarding facilities to male pupils, it has shown good results. This has impressed the school administration to the extent of introducing the girls’ hostel this September.
To make the best arrangement, we are asking you to make earlier confirmation with the school if you are willing to bring your daughter to the hostel before September.

The 2012/2013 academic year, the school has however planned to run compulsory boarding to the grade seven pupils.
This is to overcome the several challenges faced by the candidates.
The school is doing all in place to ensure the pupils have enough time with the teacher and conducive learning atmosphere. Kindly make necessary arrangement for your child so that we can meet the demand of education.
Other programs

a) After a several investigations in the way of improving the results of our current candidates, grade 4, we reached at a conclusion of starting compulsory Saturday classes.From the experience, the pupils do better if they get an opportunity like this.

b) Apart from Saturday classes to grade four, grade five and six will also take a compulsory August holiday classes as one of the strategies of improving the standard of education in Fountain Gate Academy.

c) From a reliable investigation, we have come to learn that most pupils are not getting enough time to read or normally study.
Therefore, we have established a new program called English Club.
During this time (3:00pm-5:00pm), the pupils will read storybooks, discuss themes in the story and do their homework in the school. The program is starting at on Monday 9 July 2012.

Dear parent, the program will be free for the first two weeks and then you will give slight contribution that will be sending to you latter.
The pupils are going to be picked by the parents because the school will not going to provide transport.
For more information, please contact the administration or teacher concern Mrs. Nelly Mwanyika on 0715 677 460.

Swimming Day
As usual, the Fountain Gate Academy is celebrating the end of each term in a unique way. This term, the school is going to celebrate their joy of finishing the year very well at the beach. All pupils will go swimming on losing day to mark the end of the academic year 2011/2012.

Once again, we thank you for the continued trust you have on us.
The Almighty God should give more power to continue supporting Fountain Gate Academy.
Patrick Brian Mwathi
Head teacher.